Nix® Electronic Lice Comb

The Nix® Electronic Lice Comb is intended to remove and/or kill lice and nits from head (scalp) hair. The Nix® Electronic Lice Comb emits a small electrical charge that isn’t sensed by humans, but is lethal to the lice. Lice are destroyed as soon as they come into contact with the comb teeth!

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Directions for Use

For best performance and optimal efficiency of this device, please read and conform strictly to the following instructions:

Before Use:

  1. Hair must be dry before using this electronic device. This device should not be used simultaneously with any shampoos or other treatments.
  2. For best results, hair should be free of styling product, i.e. gels or mousses.
  3. Before treatment, comb the hair thoroughly with a regular comb to free all knots. The tines of the lice comb are purposefully very close and may have difficulty getting through the hair if it has not been properly combed.

As with most common lice treatment methods, it is recommended that the treatment be repeated over the course of the egg nit hatching (10 days) to ensure the infestation is fully eradicated. For maximum effectiveness, repeat the treatment every 2-3 days for 10 total days.

Operating the Lice Comb:

  1. This device has a 3-position power switch:
    OFF – slide all the way back, away from the comb teeth
    ON – slide one click forward; green LED power light illuminates
    ON with SPOTLIGHT – slide forward towards the comb teeth; green power light illuminated and bright LED spotlight illuminates.
  2. Hold the Nix® comb at a 45-degree angle (the ON button is facing up towards the user) and start combing with the comb teeth near the hair roots.
    The SPOTLIGHT can help see the lice in low light setting or on those persons with dark hair.
  3. When the comb has trapped and killed a louse, the red Louse Detection Alert light will illuminate.
  4. Stop combing the hair, and remove the louse from the comb teeth. The brush located on the underside of the device can help clean the teeth.
  5. After the louse is clear, the light will turn off and the comb is ready for use again.

Limitation: will not operate on wet or excessively oily hair.


What are lice?

Head lice are tiny insects that can be found on various parts of the body, including the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The most common symptom with head lice is itching.

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