Nix® Lice Prevention Daily Leave-In Spray

Nix Ultra® Prevention

Nix® Lice Prevention Daily Leave-In Spray

Conditions & Detangles Hair

Defends & Repels Superlice

Long Lasting Protection

Simply Spray & Go

NEW! From the #1 Pediatrician & Pharmacist recommended brand comes Nix® Lice Prevention Daily Leave-In Spray!  Use year round, during lice outbreaks or to protect the whole family when a member has lice. Defend against and repel superlice and lice infestations while gaining long lasting and easy to use lice protection - just simply spray and go!

  • How to Use Nix Lice Prevention Daily Leave-In Spray

    Step 1 - Inspect

    • Check to make sure no lice or nits are present on your child's head
    • If present, use Nix Ultra® Shampoo or Nix Ultra® Solution, as directed to remove lice, superlice, and eggs. 

    Step 2 - Shake and Spray

    • Spray liberally onto washed towel-dried hair or dry hair; evenly covering the entire head
    • The number of sprays per application will vary with hair length and thickness
    • Leave on hair and let dry gently
    • Use up to two times daily
  • Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Rosemary Oil, water, glycerin, Glyceryl Monooleate, Soap, Trisodium citrate dihydrate

  • Contraindications:

    • Not for children under 2 years of age
    • Use daily. Intended for use as a deterrent and does not kill lice or eggs or treat an infestation. If lice are present, use Nix Ultra® Shampoo or Nix Ultra® Solution to kill lice and eggs first.


    • Do not allow children to apply this product to themselves
    • Do not use this product if the scalp is already very irritated or injured


    • Keep out of the reach of children
    • Stop use if skin rash or irritation occur; discontinue use and wash treated skin with soap and water. If discomfort persists, call your doctor
    • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes (mouth and nose). This product may cause severe eye irritation. In case of eye contact, immediately rinse with plenty of water
    • For external use only. Do not swallow. In case of accidental ingestion contact a doctor or Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222) immediately

    Storage and Disposal:

    • Store in a cool dry place and protect from freezing
    • Do not reuse or refill this container; place in trash or recycle if available